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[1] All about Vacation Rentals



If you are unfamiliar with vacation rentals, you may worry about the quality of the unit and the experience, when compared to a hotel. However, vacation rental units are not that unlike hotels, except for that they're owned and managed independently rather than functioning as one part of the whole of a hotel or condominium building.

Lei Hawaii Realty is a company that manages and rents out these units to travelers like you. 

To ensure the safety of our guests, our company follows the  CDC guidlelines for cleaning and disinfection, as well as spacing each of our reservations out for at least 48 hours. To ensure the enjoyment of our guests, each of our units has WIFI, and most units allow self check-in. 

If you are still concerned with the quality of vacation rentals, please consult our reviews! 


Hawaii is the best place for Vacation Rentals in the world!

The reason travelers may opt for a vacation rental over a hotel is for the uniqueness of the unit and the convenience of private management. Each of our units is entirely unique, with special interiors in front of the ocean and mountains, and countless ways to enjoy your time. Below, are some more in-depth explanations of why a vacation rental might be right for you!

All about Vacation Rentals



(1) The Best Rates Possible!

Hotels do have excellent service, such as 24-hour concierge, daily cleaning, linen changes, and beyond.. but guests are expected to pay accordingly. You can even expect many vacation rentals owned by major travel companies to have added fees and expenses directed towards services like these.

However, private vacation rental companies have the benefit of not needing to tack on extra service fees for these amenities, which allows them to offer more affordable prices and more intimate management. Our company still takes care of an initial cleaning of the unit, as well as emergency services and amenities like WIFI. 

All things considered, when compared to a hotel (especially in Waikiki where rooms are often small and expensive), vacation rentals offer immense value for the price. Our vacation rentals specifically, often reach below 2x the price of hotel rooms in the same location.  

(2) A More Comfortable Lifestyle

Most vacation rentals have everyday necessities such as a kitchen (including cookware and dishes), and extra benefits such as BBQ's on the condo amenity deck. In this way, vacation rentals provide a more comfortable and familiar experience than hotels (which do not always offer the same amenities), especially for longer-term stays.

With organic foods just around the corner, you are able to enjoy Hawaii as if it were your own home, all the while saving money to be spent in more unique and local restaurants. 

Cook, Eat, and Enjoy!


(3) Independent Cleaning

Many hotels do not offer laundry services, opting only for dry cleaning at the guests expense, while many vacation rental units have laundry rooms inside the condo building, if not washers and dryers inside of the units themselves. 

(4) Parking

Hotel parking can quickly add up to be a major expense on your hotel bill, sometimes totaling up to $100 for three nights. While, street parking is often hard to come by, if its available at all, and can become very high-maintenance over time. But many of our vacation rental units have free complimentary parking, which can come to make a big difference in the cost and enjoyment of your stay in Hawaii.


[2] How Vacation Rentals Work?



(1) Choose a Vacation Rental Unit

There are several ways to browse Lei Hawaii Realty's vacation rental units! You may check our Ranking Pages and other special featured pages, or filter your search on our website by date, room type, number of people, etc. Please check the pictures, videos and reviews thoroughly too! (and pay attention to the special details of each unit, including the minimum and maximum length of stay.)

Unlike many hotels, which do not allow you to select the exact room you'd like to rent, Lei Hawaii Realty provides you greater choice for a more affordable price. 

Lei Hawaii Vacation Rentals During your stay

2. Make a Reservation

Before you make a reservation, please double check the price, read more in depth about payment and cancellation details for all Lei Hawaii Realty units on our Cancellation Policy page, and take the time to read and understand all of our terms and conditions.

When you are ready to reserve, you can use our website, which provides an automatic quick quote before reserving. You will be sent instructions and further details within 2 days of your booking. 


When making a reservation, you can choose whether to pay a $3000 deposit directly to us, or alternatively, buy the CSA Guest Insurance. For general information about the insurance, please read the CSA vacation rental damage protection insurance (Non-Refundable Security Deposit Waiver).

If you pay the deposit directly to us instead of buying the insurance, and the unit has no damages, the deposit will be refunded within one month after your check-out.

If you pay the deposit directly to us instead of buying the insurance, and the unit has any new damages, we will inform you and use the deposit to fund any necessary repairs. If the deposit is not sufficient enough to cover the damage, the credit card you provided at the time of your reservation will be charged.

Even for those who purchased CSA vacation rental damage protection, if the insurance cannot cover the damage, the credit card you provided at the time of your reservation will be charged.

**All credit card fees will be charged to the guests.** 

3. Arrival & Check-in

Specific instructions regarding your check-in will be given shortly after your booking, including information about whether to retrieve the keys in a designated location at the condo itself, or from our office directly. For those new to vacation rentals, this extra step may seem complicated and worrisome, however, you will quickly experience how simple it is!

4. Enjoy Your Stay in Hawaii

The most important part of your experience with Lei Hawaii Realty should of course be enjoying your stay in Hawaii. We hope for each of our units to be synchronized with the mother nature of Hawaii, to help you experience the Aloha Spirit. We even provide complimentary 100% Kona drip coffee (4 servings), in each unit. 

If you have any questions during your stay, please contact us by phone or email. Please note that the hotels concierge service, daily cleaning, room service, etc. are not included in our service. 

Best Vacation Rentals in Waikiki

5. Check Out!

Check out is at 10am, and is very easy. Simply lock the unit and return the keys to the designated location where you retrieved them from originally. Please do not leave any valuable belongings, keys, etc. in the unit.

[3] Things To Know


· Guests must have their own transportation to the vacation rental units, as well as be able to check themselves in and sometimes even register themselves at the condo. 

· Unlike a hotel, we do not offer daily cleaning. We will clean the vacation rental unit before the guests arrival, however, after that, cleaning is the guests responsibility. 

· There are a fixed number of amenities in each room when you check-in. We will not provide extra amenities (toilet paper, shampoo, etc.).

- Additional services (other than emergency services) may come at the expense of the guest. 

· When making a reservation, please be sure to double check the total price amount (including the accommodation fee, deposit, insurance and credit card fee.) As well as read and understand our terms and conditions and cancellation policy. *if additional charges are necessary, they will be charged as well*

· Please be mindful of the fact that the building is not associated with the vacation rental company, and observe all stated rules (including community rules).