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Lei Hawaii Premium Waikiki Vacation Rentals


Lei Hawaii Premium Vacation Rentals - Best Rate Guaranteed!

Hawaii is one of the most expensive locations in the world, with countless ways to shop, dine, and play. We want to support you in in experiencing Hawaii in the best way we can, by providing comfortable and affordable lodging. Through this, we hope you are able to use the rest of your funds to have a more well-rounded Hawaii experience altogether. 

To honor this intention, as our new standard, we provide unique and massively discounted vacation rentals when you make a booking for a minimum of 30 nights. When compared to hotels, our nightly rate (when you book at a 30 night minimum) is less than one third of all Hawaii hotels. You may stay home, kick back, relax and refresh in our units, all with the peace of mind of knowing you've gotten the best price available. 

Check our 30-night minimum vacation rentals here.

*Travel agencies add fees to the original room rate. Lei Hawaii Realty provides the best vacation rental unit rates.*


Original and Unique Vacation Rentals!

 You may be someone who doesn't care where you stay, as long as it's a hotel. If this is you, we believe you will be satisfied with our vacation rental units as they are not unlike hotel rooms, with some added benefits. 

We place special attention and care on designing unique units, to help you feel at home during your stay in Hawaii.  Each room is synchronized with mother nature, with a different theme such as healing, enjoyment, Aloha style, and more. Because of this, none of our units are exactly like another.  

 Best Rate Guarantee. Low Price Vacation Rental in Hawaii


Lei Hawaii Independently Manages Each Unit

Vacation rental companies exist worldwide, and most, if not all, offer a similar service. However, not all vacation rental companies function at the same standard or operate to the best of their ability. Lei Hawaii Realty on the other hand, strives to manage each of our units and our staff with care and attention to detail, using each and every guest experience to grow and improve. 

We pay direct and careful attention to the questions and concerns of our guests. We privately own our management and cleaning departments. We encourage our staff to keep up with reviews, and adjust accordingly. And on top of it all, we proudly offer some of the best discounted rates for vacation rentals in Hawaii. All of this sets us apart from other hotels, condos, and vacation rentals in Hawaii. 

Few companies offer the service we do, in the way we do, for the price we do. And few companies care as deeply about the experience of their guests as we do. We want you to discover the true Hawaii, rather than have the typical tourist experience. And we believe you can sync with the mother nature of Hawaii inside our vacation rentals. 

Do not limit your Hawaii experience to the same scenery, restaurants, and hotels as everyone else. Keep your lifestyle, ride Biki, feel the wind, eat organic, and stay in a truly unique room with Lei Hawaii.