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The 'New Normal' Procedures

Given the current circumstances of our world, and the social distancing procedures which have followed, we will have to work differently than we usually might - even when vacationing. 

To ensure the safety of our guests, our company follows the  CDC guidlelines for cleaning and disinfection, as well as spacing each of our reservations out for at least 48 hours. To ensure the comfort of our guests, each of our units has WIFI, access to Uber Eats, and most units allow self check-in.

Each of our units is entirely unique, with special interiors in front of the ocean and mountains, and countless ways to enjoy your time. We have even been renovating the rooms with themes such as healing, enjoyment and Aloha Style, to synchronize them with the mother nature of Hawaii. If you'd like an in depth tour, you can view one of the Virtual Reality tours on our website.


Transportation in Waikiki. - We belong with our Nature!

Because of the increase in cars in Hawaii, traffic has become challenging to manage, as well as generally being a non-eco friendly-option when compared to its alternatives. Hawaii has many options for affordable public or eco-friendly transportation. 

Vacation Rentals in Waikiki!! Enjoy Yoga!!

The Bus

Honolulu country runs an excellent affordable public transportation system, even including some electric buses. There are so many routes, you can go almost anywhere on the island of Oahu with a public bus! There is even an app, called "Da Bus", which conveniently shows all of the bus routes and schedules. Please use this public transportation safely, and be aware of your surroundings. 

Uber and Lyft

Just as is true for any city, Honolulu has many Uber and Lyft drivers, which are often much cheaper and much more convenient than Taxis. With 24-hour service in most popular areas, the added ease of communication through the digital applications and reliable reviews, this is an excellent transportation option. If you don't already have the apps, you can simply download and open Uber or Lyft on your phone, and be guided from there. Again, please use this public transportation safely.


This sharing bicycle system is called Biki, and is all over Waikiki and the urban Honolulu area. In Waikiki alone, there are over 100 Biki stations! This transportation option is a great way to view and experience Hawaii in a relaxed and eco-friendly way, without a large pricetag. Biki also has an app, which can be used to find the nearest Biki station and rent a bicycle. Please be aware of the traffic rules, especially one-way traffic and sidewalk laws in Waikiki.

Lei Hawaii Vacation Rentals Biki


Turo is a car sharing service, which car owners use to rent out their vehicles. This app is user-friendly, affordable and convenient… even allowing you to choose the pick-up time and location. Services like these are becoming so successful, and are expanding worldwide, to places like Japan and beyond. Please be aware of the specific insurance needed for this service, and use responsibly, at your own risk. 

Rent a Car

Although you might like to stay ecological and sustainable, there are certain circumstances which may require a rental car. In this case, you may research a rental company on your own if you'd like, or you can rent from one of Lei Hawaii's partners. (Please inform us if you are interested in the latter).

With the service of our partners, a rental car will be delivered to you at your vacation rental, as well as picked up when your rental period is completed. There are also several special offers available for you to choose from, such as free child seats (up to 2), a free rental smartphone with free domestic calling, and full coverage insurance already included in the price! You can even rent additional strollers, beach amenities or surfboards along with your rental car. 

Enjoy Foods. - Be Kind to Our Nature!

Hawaii has tons of organic supermarkets where you can refresh your body and enjoy Hawaiian cuisine!

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is a famous US supermarket, offering organic goods, power foods, and even souvenirs. Amazon Prime members may even find special discounted items. There are several Whole Foods locations on Oahu, one of them even being the largest in the United States (Kaka'ako location). 

Foodland Farms

Foodland Farms is a newly opened supermarket in the Ala Moana Shopping Center. We recommend the salad, poke, and homemade fresh juice!

Uber Eat s

Most of Hawaii's popular restaurants are now partnered with Uber Eats. This is a great option for when you become tired of cooking or shopping, or simply want to dine in with fresh restaurant quality food!

Bite Squad and Door Dash

Like Uber Eats, these are delivery apps which partner with tons of restaurants. (260 stores as of February 2019) Try Smith & Kings's hamburgers or Phuket Thai's coconut curry from the comfort of your home!! 


This is a grocery delivery app for food, cooking ingredients, and other supermarket products! You can order delivery from supermarkets such as Safeway, Costco, Foodland, Times, and more, in as little as one hour!. 


This service delivers organic ingredients to your home, with direct instructions on how to prepare these ingredients into a delicious organic meal! You may learn how to cook and eat healthily while at home in your vacation rental!


TOday many people choose to live a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle, and we want to support you in continuing this lifestyle even while on vacation. And with all of the conveniences of modern day technology, this is a much easier task to accomplish. Please utilize all of the tools available to you to continue to live a mindful life. Do not limit your experience in Hawaii, and continue to live Aloha!

Beyond your Experience by Lei Hawaii

Organic, Local Restaurants. - Be Kind to Our Nature!


Heavenly is one of the best brunch restaurants in Waikiki, offering healthy renditions of local favorites such as Acai Bowls, and Loco Moco! This photogenic restaurant practices sustainability (including paper straws), has beautiful vivid colors, and even partners with the local community to create genuine local foods. Please check out the smoothies produced by Angela Maki Vernon!


This Japanese Izakaya style restaurant is in one of the oldest historic buildings in beautiful Waikiki. They even use the best organic ingredients for their lunches and dinners! We recommend the potato salad and udon!

Paris Hawaii

This reservation based restaurant is the work of Chef Yuuya, who previously lived in Paris for many years before returning back to Hawaii. With local ingredients, and carefully constructed course meals (and 5:30 and 8pm), this restaurant is not to be missed! You may also visit the hideout bar!

Enjoy Lei Hawaii Realty Premium Vacation Rentals!

Enjoy Vacation Rentals with Babies

If you have children and would like to enjoy your vacation with them, we have a baby specialist partner who can organize for you so you do not need to prepare anything on your own! Please let us know the details through the contact form on our website!