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Frequently Asked Questions

1 What kind of amenities and supplies are there in the room?

It varies unit by unit, so please confirm the photographs and details in each property page or ask us. In general, the following items will be prepared. For expendable items, please purchase after consuming them. Please understand we provide these and service within the fees we receive. We try our best for guests to enjoy the vacation.


  • At least, 3 sets of bath towels, face towels, and wash towels.
    It depend on the number of guests. Not on the number of days.
  • Bed linens and towels for kitchen.
  • Hair Dryer.
  • Cookware set (rice cooker, pot, frying pan, knife, fork, spoon etc.) * There is no seasoning.
  • Microwave oven.
  • Toilet papers, tissue papers



2 Payment method and Timing, Cancellation Fee and Policy

Cancellation Policy

3 Is there any additional room cleaning service while I satay? Can I request it?

There is no service for now. We only clean before checking in once. Please do the landry and clean the unit by yourself.

4 What will be covered if we buy the guest insurance?

When making a reservation, you can choose whether you pay the deposit to us or buy the guest insurance (CSA). Check the general information for the insurance from here.

If you pay the deposit to us instead of buying the insurance, we will refund the deposit after we inspect unit. Refund will be done within 1 month after checking out. If we find any damage to our units, we will let you inform and use the deposit for the repair. If the deposit is not sufficient enough to recover the damage, we will charge the fee from the credit card you provided. In that case the credit card is used for the refund the deposit or any charges, the credit card fee will be charged to the guests.

5 How to check in and out?

Checking in is after 3 pm and checking out is before 11 am. Some rooms have a designated time for checking in. We will inform how to check in and out to all guests by email before the stay. In most of condos and houses, there is the lockbox, so you have to open it to get a key.

⓺Can I make early check-in or late check-out?

No, you cannot0. If you like to check in early or check out late, you need to make another night's reservation.

7 Is there WiFi?

Yes. There is WiFi in all our vacation rentals. It will be used only in the site, not in the amenity deck or outside. Please be aware that it may be temporarily unavailable due to the maintenance of condominiums or internet provider. In that case, let us know. We might be able to rent the poratble WiFi.

8 What if I encounter any troubles during my stay?

We will inform you our emergency contacts when you make a reservation. Please contact us. For emergency cases, we will come to the site. In the case of non-emergency matters, we will advise you what to do by phone, emails or any kinds of messages. Unlike hotels, we offer rooms very cheap, so we would appreciate what we can do.

9 How many nights can we stay?

It depends on the rooms. Please confirm it in each property page for details. Many rooms are minimum 2 nights stay. Some are minimum 30 nights. Basically you may make a reservation for up to 12 months.

10 Can we stay with pets?

There are currently no pet friendly vacation rentals in our rooms. In the case of the service animal, there are customers and owners who are allergic, so please be sure to make a notice to us. It is necessary to submit the certification stating about the service animals. If you do not notify us about the service animals in advance and you stay the unit with pets or the service animals, you have to leave the units and pay the special cleaning fee and penalty.

11 Is there any parking?

Many of our vacation rentals have a parking spot. Please search the vacation rentals with a parking in our site. For some properties, although there is no parking attached in the unit, there is a parking space inside the condo. In that case, you have to pay the fee by yourself. Also for properties with no parking, you have to find the space by yourself and pay by yourself. Please check the description in each page for the detail.

12 Will you keep my luggage?

We do not keep the luggage in our office. And basically condos and hotels will not keep the baggage for you. However, some hotels and hotel condo will keep your baggage with some fee. Please check condos and hotels for the service.

13 What is a hotel condo?

This is a basically condominium but operated as a hotel. In Hawaii, sometimes the hotel’s units are for sale. Each unit’s owner can choose whether they ask the hotel to operate or the management company like us to operate. So even though the building is looked like a hotel and has the hotel front desk on the first floor, those vacation rentals guests might not use them nor any hotel service. Services such as hotel concierge and daily cleaning, and room service may not be available. Some hotels allow the vacation rental guests to use the hotel service. Check the each vacation rentals page for the service and amenities you can usel.