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 Sitting in the scenic pocket of the Ko'olau mountain range and the white-sand shore of the Pacific Ocean, you'll find the small cityscape of Waikiki beach. This 2-mile stretch is home to a festive atmosphere of high-end shopping, luxury vacation rentals, and the ever-present trade winds. Capped on one end by urban Honolulu, with volcanic-cone Diamond Head on the other, it really doesn't get more picturesque. 

 A small yet vivid melting pot with traditional Hawaiian culture as the focal point -  not unlike that of modern-day Hawai'i - this tourist destination is just one weave of Hawaii's much larger, much more dynamic cultural quilt. Waikiki beach seamlessly maintains a distinct culture in and of itself with its unique ability to hold so many varied experiences - a stark contrast to its undeniably intimate feel. 

With so many different buildings close to the beach, and each restaurant, activity, and shopping center within walking distance, it's no surprise why Waikiki beach is such a popular destination. From the accommodation you choose, to the ways you play, to your favorite sunset spot, it truly is your choice how you craft your Waikiki beach adventure. 

Feel the city vibe at the western end of Waikiki beach 

 With its big-city buzz, the western end of Waikiki beach is the gateway to urban Honolulu. Nestled between skyscraper condos, you'll find hole-in-the-wall eateries, a luxury-accommodation lined harbor, and enough ocean activities to keep you busy for a lifetime. Whether it's catching a birds-eye view parasailing, diving deep on an Atlantis submarine tour, or winding down your Friday evening with the famed Hilton Lagoon firework show, the western end of Waikiki is an excellent getaway. 

Find yourself at the Hawaiian Monarch or Royal Garden, perched alongside the Ala-wai for the best views of the mountains, or at one of the different vacation rental buildings close to the beach, such as the Ilikai's. Either way, you're never more than a short walk away from the familiar sea salt and sand of the Pacific. Even a vacation rental like the Ala Moana Condo, just a short trek outside of Waikiki will lead you to trendy Ala Moana to lounge at the lagoon or shop at the largest open-air shopping center in the world.


Be in the epicenter of the action at the central section of Waikiki coast

Moving along the coast, the central section of Waikiki is the epicenter of the action, where every building is close to the beach if not entirely beachfront. Marked by the bustling energy of the newly remodeled International Marketplace, weekly farmers markets near the Pacific Monarch vacation rental, and the most popular stretch of the Royal Hawaiian Beach. Central Waikiki strikes the perfect balance between city and nature. 

At the feet of Marine Surf condo, you'll find the primary destination for luxury shopping and delicious eats, while a short walk takes you to the highest concentration of surfing lessons and board rentals. In the evening, catch the sunset on a catamaran cruise, or roam the tiki-torch lined streets for Hula shows and street performers. 

Relax & get the nature vibe at the eastern end of Waikiki beach

Lastly, the eastern end of Waikiki beach has a relaxed, nature-centric feel to it with 160-acre Kapiolani park lining the base of Diamond Head. On this end of Waikiki, it is not uncommon to meet the smell of barbeques or hear echoed concert sounds from the Waikiki Shell late into the evening.

The Honolulu zoo and aquarium border the quietest local stretches of Waikiki beach at Queens, Kaimana and even local surf spot Silver Stairs near Colony Surf condo. You'll find that the vacation rentals in this area, such as Cresent Park or Waikiki Sunset have a more residential feel to them in-line with neighboring Kapahulu and Kahala.

Every corner of Waikiki has something special to offer, making it a challenge to express fully without doing a disservice. But one thing is for sure, whichever area of Waikiki you choose to locate to, you will not be disappointed.