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 One of the highlights of spending time in Waikiki is becoming familiar with the unique shopping culture spread across its 2-mile grid. Each location has its own set of individual qualities, all of which come together to make up the Waikiki we see and admire today. Both indoor and outdoor, from the atmosphere to the curated collection of shops, Waikiki is home to many unique shopping experiences. 

Ala Moana Center

Just a 5 to 10-minute walk from One Ala Moana vacation rental or Ala Moana Condo, Ala Moana Shopping Center is the world's largest open-air shopping mall. Hawaii's famed blue skies peek through from above, while each floor is landscaped in certain areas to bring in elements of nature. With over 350 shops ranging from grab-and-go stands to luxury merchants, Ala Moana Shopping Center is one of the primary locations for all shopping needs. This mall is complete with a large food court, and a center-stage for hula shows and other entertainment.

Hilton Hawaiian Village

While the Hilton Hawaiian Village is certainly known for its luxury condo accommodation, it is also home to over 90 stores throughout its 22-acre property. It may come as a surprise as you walk through the winding property just how much shopping is sandwiched between koi ponds and contained jungles of greenery. Even if you are not a resident at the HHV, but rather are staying in a vacation rental close by (Such as The Ilikai condos), the hotels shopping and dining options are still open to you. 

Luxury Row

At the entrance of the main strip of Waikiki, just a few footsteps from Luana Waikiki vacation rental, is Luxury Row, one of Waikiki's most dense section of internationally premiere brands. Even as you're casually strolling Waikiki's streets, it's a challenge not to have your attention occupied by these designers, such as Chanel, Gucci, Miu Miu, Saint Laurent and more. 

Beach Walk

Waikiki Beach Walk is an unsuspecting nook, designed with a community-centric feel, home to over 40 shops and a handful of dining options. Events take place in the grassy areas along the street, decorated by tiki torches, palm trees and an assortment of fountains. Of the many different buildings close to this shopping point, you will find Waikiki Shore vacation rental.  

T Galleria by DFS

One of the only Duty-Free stores in Hawaii is located in Waikiki's center, at T Galleria by DFS. Feeling not unlike a luxury indoor mall, this center is among the more traditional shopping options in Waikiki. Each floor at T Galleria has its own set of stores, and international shoppers will find, of course, that all of their shopping here has duty-free benefits. 

Waikiki Shopping Plaza

A high volume of Waikiki's shopping takes place at 6-floor Waikiki Shopping Plaza. With over 100 stores to wander through and entertainment such as Hula lessons or cultural shows, it's not hard to spend an entire day here. Waikiki Shopping Plaza even offers unique dining options Waikiki Yokocho, Buho Cocina y Cantina, and Tanaka of Tokyo. 

Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center

Attached to the famed pink Royal Hawaiian Hotel is Waikiki shopping mall Royal Hawaiian Center. This long stretch of Waikiki is home to over 110 retailers, 12 individual dining options in addition to large indoor Pa'ina Lanai food court, and a weekly roster of events and entertainment. 

Many of the different buildings in Waikiki are close to this shopping point, as it is a major part of the main strip.  

International Marketplace

The International Marketplace is a banyan tree-lined, open-air mall spanning several blocks of Waikiki's premium real estate. A grassy area on the ground floor hosting local shows and live music set the tone for over three floors of 80 curated shops, 9 dining options, and the Social House food-court. Close to Island Colony and the Royal Kuhio vacation rentals, the International Marketplace is a prime location to relax, shop, and eat.  

Pualeilani Atrium

Last but not least, in the center of the Hyatt Regency, near Pacific Monarch's accommodation is Pualeilani Atrium, a Waikiki shopping center with over 60 stores across 3-levels. The Atrium is also the host to one of Waikiki's only weekly farmer's markets, which highlights the products and craftsmanship of many local families and artisans across O'ahu. 

Because shopping in Waikiki is so widespread, almost everything is close to the shopping points. Whether it's a condo, vacation rental, or other accommodation, or it's your favorite beach sunset spot, you're never more than a few steps away from the purchasing market. It is one of the many blessings Waikiki offers.